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Stink Bugs and Regret

Have you ever see one of these? This is Halyomorpha halys, also known as the brown marmorated stink bug. When we first moved into our house my husband and I jokingly named them “Herkimer”.  It just seemed to fit.  They were slow, few … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

This is the month of December. Crocus bulbs coming up is not somthing I was expecting to see.   I am  fascinated by their tenacity as they actually pierced through the dead leaves to make this early appearance.  They aren’t bothered by the … Continue reading

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Is it Real?

I am hoping that this feeling is correct…. I think summer might be here.  I don’t want to say it too loud and scare it away.  But it’s beautiful…. I’m sorry.. I was going to write something about it but I’m … Continue reading

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   March 19, 2011 we were told to be sure and watch for the “Supermoon”.  I have since looked up some information about it and have learned that …..well, I have alot to learn.  Maybe it was the sites I looked … Continue reading

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Four Leaf Clover

I found a four leaf clover once…only once.  I had just read an article about them that caught my attention.  The article said that we have been told that these little green treasures are rare, which makes them hard to find.  We end up believing … Continue reading

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Thinking of Spring

Even though the Pacific Northwest weather has been mean and contentious, there are moments when it looks like it’s thinking about being nice again…….

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